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flex conference next month

Adobe and effectiveUI are co-sponsoring a free flex conference next month, on May 3rd. Speakers will be from ebay, effectiveUI, Adobe, Forrester, and ZDNet. Click here for more details.


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Adobe releases Apollo camp presentations, quick start guide

Adobe is posting all of the presentations from Apollo camp online in video form here. Be sure to check out Sean Christmann’s awesome wiimote demonstration, which you can also see on Anthony Franco’s blog.

Disclaimer: I work with Anthony and Sean, but I think you’ll agree that this is pretty hot stuff.

Also, here for free is the pdf version of Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide.

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New Flash Based Google Talk

Google launched a new version of Google Talk today for their Google Homepage. The new version uses Flash rather than Ajax and combines the functionality of the desktop version of Google Talk with the web-integration of Flash. It drops into the google homepage nicely, and has some simple transitions to switch between the contact list and individual messages.

If Google didn’t already have a desktop version of Google Talk, they’d have an easy time converting this web-based flash version into one with Apollo, which will be released for public Alpha this Friday. I can’t emphasize enough how cool this is. Companies can now save thousands, if not millions, in development costs by not having to create two versions of the same application, but rather leveraging Flex and Apollo to do both the web and desktop version at once.

It’s good to see Google embracing Flash as a real RIA technology. Hopefully their combined brain trust will help drive the development of some really amazing flash apps in the near future.

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