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picnik is amazing

If you haven’t checked it out yet, zip on over to Picnik and enjoy one of the best Flex RIA’s I’ve seen. Here’s why:

  1. It solves a real problem. People need and will use a good picture editing application. You shouldn’t have to use a sledge hammer like Photoshop to remove red-eye or increase the contrast in a picture, and the millions of small photo editing programs that ship with cameras just don’t cut it.
  2. It has a great interface. The people at Picnik payed a lot of attention to usability, and it shows. The interface is clean and simple enough that I can find everything I need but not so simple that something I need isn’t there. It’s focused on letting you perform basic editing to pictures, and it does it very very well.
  3. It’s better in Flex. One criticism I hear frequently of Flex/Flash is that there isn’t a need for it. Picnik is a good example of an application that would’ve been at least 20 times harder to develop in Ajax and wouldn’t work as well as it does. There’s a good reason to use Flex for an application like this (Flex has excellent built in bitmap editing features) and they use it wisely. The transition animations are simple and enhance the user experience rather than taking up too much processor and distracting from it.
  4. It’s better as an internet application. I can use Picnik from anywhere and it works fine. I don’t need an application this light-weight installed on my computer, clogging my registry, taking up disk space, probably running in the system tray.
  5. It uses social networking intelligently. Rather than trying to re-invent facebook or flickr or myspace, picnik ties into these services more or less seamlessly and increases both their value and its own.

Overall I give this application two thumbs up – this is a real 10. Nice work, Picnikers.


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